Live Garage Detailing Studio was founded in 2016, and our team consists of two experts in their field with over 8 years of experience. We have combined our knowledge and skills to offer our guests the best possible quality in terms of both work and service.

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with the services we offer. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure you have the best possible experience. Our team is committed to quality and we proudly take responsibility for the results of our work.

Customer service is extremely important to us. We are here to listen to your needs and offer a personal approach that exactly meets your wishes. We believe that excellent service is the key to building a successful customer relationship!

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  • Standard outside wash - from 30€
  • Outside wash with tar removal - from 40€
  • Outside wash with cleaning from metal inclusions - from 50€
  • Washing the engine compartment - from 25€

22% VAT will be added to price

  • Dry cleaning of the interior - from 30€
  • Leather cleaning & care (5 seats) - from 65€
  • Interior wet cleaning - from 125€
  • Wet cleaning of textile floor mats - from 25€/4pc

22% VAT will be added to price

  • Exterior wash with tar removal + interior dry cleaning - from 60€
  • Exterior wash + interior dry cleaning + leather maintenance - from 125€
  • Exterior wash + wax - from 110€

22% VAT will be added to price
  • Detailing exterior wash
  • Washing the engine compartment
  • Interior wet cleaning
  • Deep body polishing
  • Paint touch up's
  • Body treatment with ceramics in 2 layers
  • Treatment of glass, wheels, exterior plastics and leather parts with ceramics
  • Treatment of textile parts with a water-repellent agent
  • Installation of a protective film under the door handles and on the rear bumper

Price from 1300€ to 1500€ (+VAT)

(depending on car size)

  • Detailing exterior washing
  • Body deep/restorative polishing
  • Paint touch up's
  • Interior wet cleaning
  • The interior treatment of all leather parts with ceramic protection
  • Installing 2 layers of ceramics on the body
  • Installing ceramics on the glass
  • Maintenance of exterior plastic

The price starts from 800€ to 1000€ (+VAT)

(depending on the size of the car)

Package "LUX"
  • Detailed exterior washing + interior dry cleaning
  • Body deep/restorative polishing
  • Paint touch up's
  • Installing ceramics in 2 layers on the body
  • Treatment of glasses with wax
  • Maintenance of exterior plastic

The price starts from €550 to €650 (+VAT)

(depending on the size of the car)

Pre-sale preparation

Thorough exterior washing

Washing the engine compartment

Interior wet cleaning as needed

Light polishing + fast wax

Maintenance of exterior plastic

The price starts from €250 to €300

(depending on the size of the car)

Interior repair
  • Dyeing of leather parts - from 50€
  • Dashboard and plastic repairs - from 80€
  • Repair work on textile parts - from 40€
22% VAT will be added to prices
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Exterior improvements and maintenance
  • Polishing work
  • Filming with vinyl and protective film (PPF)
  • Ceramic protective covers
  • Removing dents and scratches
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Sound and noise insulation of the interior
The price is determined by your wishes, the materials used and the number of layers to be installed.
1 door - from 80€ / 1 cave - from 80€
Complete interior sound and noise insulation - from €1100
We use COMFORTMAT products that have proven their quality over the years.
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luxury car perfumes and car care products
Aromatic •89•
Exclusive car perfumes create a charm that conquers you as soon as you open the car door. Let the unforgettable aroma greet you before every trip. There are many different perfumes in different forms to choose from. In addition, a large selection of both home and beauty products.
Car perfumes and testers can be found locally at our office at Osmussaare 4, Lasnamäe
Aromatic89 homepage
InnovaCar & Fraber
Cleaning products developed and produced in Italy that are suitable for professionals, home users and detailing studios.
Thanks to the large selection of products, you will find a suitable solution for every problem.
A large part of the product selection is displayed in our office at Osmussaare 4, Lasnamäe
Fra-ber homepage


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